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Valkyrie with Tom Cruise and political party loyalty

Valkyrie with Tom Cruise and political party loyalty
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This past Saturday my wife and I went to go see Valkyrie with Tom Cruise. The movie was pretty good and gets a rating B+ or A-. Not enough political movies are made of our recent human history. If people will not pay attention to their government, maybe the big screen can help put the facts in front of the people.

Saturday afternoon I was putting some thought into the movie and doing some comparisons. There is a lot of differences between the USA of today and Nazi Germany, but one thing is the same – blind loyalty. In no way is the Nazi party even close to the Republicans and Democrats. Even though the political parties may not have anything in common, the people of Nazi Germany and the people of the USA do have something in common – and that is blind loyalty to a political party.

In the movie Valkyrie it was clear that the people of Nazi Germany had a blind loyalty to the government. In todays political system, its still the same. There are people that will only vote democratic or republican – no matter what happens. No matter what their elected official does, those people are still loyal to that party.

Just as blind loyalty resulted in the destruction of Germany and the Nazi party, so will that same loyalty destroy the USA.

If you want real change, the two major parties have to be removed from office. The only way to do that is to vote for another political party. Do not be blind to what is going on in front of your eyes. Do not turn a blind eye to a corrupt government. During the next election, vote for the the Libertarian Party. They are our only real hope for change.

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