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Tips on how to bury a cache tube

Posted by Kevin Felts On December 31, 2008 Comments Off

Green PVC is better then white.  The green stuff has a life expectancy of around 800 years, buried and full of sewage. Yep, that last part is correct, the green stuff is sewage pipe. So be sure to get it new and not used. One end cap does not need to be glued on. To  [ Read More ]

Youtube censorship of hunting videos

Posted by Kevin Felts On December 27, 2008 Comments Off

Since when is hunting considered animal cruelty? Well, it seems that the management of youtube thinks that hunting is just that, animal cruelty. Or, is youtube bowing to political pressure? Over the past few months youtube has started removing hunting videos. The reason -  hunting videos depict animal cruelty. One of my videos that showed  [ Read More ]

Hurricane Rita Review

Posted by Kevin Felts On December 24, 2008 Comments Off

When Hurricane Rita made landfall it was the fourth-most intense Atlantic Hurricane ever recorded and the most intense tropical cyclone ever observed in the Gulf of Mexico. After Rita made landfall in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana, the storm caused $11.3 billion in damage. The following story is my personal account of the days right  [ Read More ]

Coleman exponent sleeping bag review

Posted by Kevin Felts On December 21, 2008 Comments Off

An unbiased review of the Coleman exponent sleeping bag by trained professionals (not really). Both of my kids liked the sleeping bag and found the bag to be comfortable. But, the bag is supposed to have a comfort rating of 32 degrees. Even with temps around 36 degrees, my daughter was still cold. But my  [ Read More ]

Who is to blame for our current situation?

Posted by Kevin Felts On December 18, 2008 Comments Off

Who is to blame for this nations current situation? If you voted for president bush 8 or 4 years ago – I blame you. If you voted for your current elected official – I blame you. If you voted third party, against your current elected official or against george bush 8 and 4 years ago  [ Read More ]

Trail camera video

Posted by Kevin Felts On December 6, 2008 Comments Off

These trail cameras are good for learning the movement patterns of wildlife in the area. Related PostsSpreading oats and beans at the hunting lease Ground blind for deer hunting Thinking about the 2011 – 2012 hunting season Only 3 months until hunting season Watching Some East Texas Whitetail Deer

Setting up some deer feeders

Posted by Kevin Felts On December 4, 2008 Comments Off

Deer feeders offer the local wildlife a source of food during times of drought and other hardship. Related PostsThe Price Of Hunting Leases Trip to the hunting lease September 14 2012 Survival Rifle Ammunition December 30 2010 evening hunting trip Thoughts on hunting post SHTF

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