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80 years old and starting over

Posted by Kevin Felts On November 19, 2008 Comments Off

80 years old and starting over, that was the sad reality of the facts. There was no denying that around 5 feet of flood water had gotten into the house and there was no denying that the couple did not have flood insurance. The hard wood flooring that everyone had liked so much, after the  [ Read More ]

Wilderness Survival Quiz

Posted by Kevin Felts On November 15, 2008 Comments Off

This is a basic wilderness survival quiz. Lets say that you and some friends are out on a hiking or camping trip. While on this trip, one of the members of the group spots these pretty red berries. The question comes up if they are edible. So, are they edible? These berries turn red in  [ Read More ]

Fishing with top water lures

Posted by Kevin Felts On November 14, 2008 Comments Off

Doing some fishing at Lake Sam Rayburn in East Texas. The tiny torpedo in the video is one of my favorite top water lures of all time. It seems to work best when the wind is not blowing very hard and the top of the water is smooth. If there are any hungry bass in the area, this lure will find them.

Some of the fishing gear I keep in my tackle box.

Setting up a one man tent

Posted by Kevin Felts On November 12, 2008 Comments Off

One man tents allow backpackers and campers to carry a shelter without weighing them down too much. Even though this tent does not offer a lot of protection from the elements, it does offer good protection from insects. The tent in the video is a Wenzel Starlite, and is about 13 years old. Even though  [ Read More ]

Hurricane Ike Aftermath

Posted by Kevin Felts On November 9, 2008 Comments Off

These pictures were taken in Bridge City, Texas after Hurricane Ike made landfall in Galveston, Texas. Using Google Earth, and measuring from where these pictures were taken, its estimated that 20 miles inland, there was about a 14 – 15 foot storm surge. This is not a scientific measurement, its just an estimate.

Homemade Candles

Posted by Kevin Felts On November 8, 2008 Comments Off

Making your own candles is easier then it looks. This is a basic skill that urban survivalist should take the time to learn. Not only is making candles easy, its a lot cheaper then buying them. If you wish to comment on this article, visit the how to make homemade candles thread in the forums.  [ Read More ]

Katadyn Hiker Water Filter

Posted by Kevin Felts On November 8, 2008 Comments Off

Water filters for SHTFThe Katadyn hiker water filter is a low cost option in the water filter market. Its available through most large sporting goods outlet stores, such as Gander Mountain and available through several internet store. Even though the Katadyn hiker water filter is a low cost option, there is nothing “cheap” about this product. It appears to be made out of quality material, is durable and is an overall well made water filter.

The first time this Katadyn filter was used, my son, my nephew and I were on a 6 – 8 mile hiking trip through the piney woods of East Texas. The trip started off a on the deer lease we belong to. From there, my nephew, my son and I hiked between a couple of the rolling hills, across 2 creek bottoms and stopped for our first rest break on an old logging road. This was when Korey (my son) realized he had lost his water bottle. Luckily for the three of us there was a deer stand near by where we found a discarded plastic water bottle.

An hour later the three of us arrived at a creek where I had planned on refilling the water bottles. One thing I did not know, the lack of recent rain fall had made the creek almost dry up.

Tips on hunting wild hogs

Posted by Kevin Felts On November 7, 2008 Comments Off

It is believed that hogs were first introduced into the United States by Hernando de Soto in or around 1539. Recent excavations from some of Hernando de Sotos’ encampments in Florida have discovered jaw bones of pigs and other swine bone fragments. Hogs are a true omnivore, meaning that they will eat almost anything. The  [ Read More ]

The winner of the presidential election is

Posted by Kevin Felts On November 4, 2008 Comments Off

I would like to be the first to announce the winner of todays election, and its Twiddle Dumb. Lets all give him a warm welcome as our new Supreme Leader. Under his reign you can expect 4 more years of: Higher taxes The continued bail out of the banking system The continued bail out of  [ Read More ]