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Month: October 2008

Day Hike in October

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On October 4th, 2008 my son and I went on a day hiking trip. Before we left the truck I got out the Garmin GPS and the topo maps and saved the truck as a waypoint. We also brought along a rifle for protection against wild hogs, snakes and coyotes. Bears have been reported in the area, so we had to keep those in mind as well.

We then hiked to a local creek and had lunch with eversafe meals – which are kinda like MREs. On the way back to the truck, the batteries started going out in the GPS. So the batteries were swapped out and we got back on track.

When using a GPS its important to have spare batteries. That is one reason why I try to pick devices that use AA batteries. Whether its a flashlight, or a digital camera, keep in mind ways that these items can be used to help each other out. If the batteries in the GPS go dead, take the batteries out of the camera. But its difficult to do that when the camera uses a Lithium Ion battery, instead of AA.

While on the hiking trip, several deer scraps were spotted. This let my son and I know that the bucks were getting ready to go into rut. Hopefully we will have a good deer season.

If you have any comments about this article, or video – please post them in the forum. Visit this link to go to the Wilderness survival, hiking and camping forum.

The Libertarian Party, our only real answer

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Check out the Libertarian website to see if you have a Libertarian candidate running in your area.

How many times do people have to vote for the two major parties before they realize there is no difference?

It took both parties to pass the North American Free Trade Agreement – NAFTA

It took both parties to pass the banking bailout scam.

It took both parties to pass the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade – GATT.

It is taking both parties to continue this war in Iraq.

It took both parties to establish the income tax.

It took both parties to send millions of our jobs to China, Taiwan and India.

It has taken both parties to increase our taxes to where they are today.

Do you realize that the average American spends about 1/2 of their income on taxes?
1. Social Security
2. Medicare / Mediciad
3. Income Tax – both at the state and federal levels
4. Property Tax
5. Sales Tax
6. Fuel Tax on Gasoline
7. FCC charges on your cable TV bill
8. FCC charges on your phone bill

And this is only part of the list.


Barricaded store fronts during a disaster

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When some type of disaster occurs, the owners of a store will take measures to protect their business and their property. A lot of places like wal-mart will stack bales of compressed cardboard in front of the doors.

These blocks of compressed cardboard act as a barricade to help stop people from driving cars or trucks through the front doors. Most of the time the front doors of these large stores will be made of glass – which offer little to no protection from a car or truck. During the Rodney King riots, some store owners also used these blocks of cardboard as bullet stops. Its kinda difficult for a bullet to penetrate 3 – 4 feet of compressed cardboard. The store owners were able to band together behind these blocks of cardboard, and stop the crowds of looters from destroying their stores .

This video was filmed just before Hurricane Ike made landfall in Galveston, Texas.

This video shows a real life example of some of the measures that store owners will take to protect their property. This is not a fault of the store owner, the items inside the store is their property and they have the right to defend it.

These bundles of cardboard are best moved by a forklift, or wrap a chain around it and drag it to the desired location with a truck or car. Even though it weighs several hundred pounds, it is not too difficult to move with a little help. If hand power must be used to move the bundle of cardboard, use jacks to get it off the ground, then get some pipes under the block. Then just roll the block on top of the pipes.

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