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Katadyn Hiker Water Filter

Katadyn Hiker Water Filter
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Water filters for SHTFThe Katadyn hiker water filter is a low cost option in the water filter market. Its available through most large sporting goods outlet stores, such as Gander Mountain and available through several internet store. Even though the Katadyn hiker water filter is a low cost option, there is nothing “cheap” about this product. It appears to be made out of quality material, is durable and is an overall well made water filter.

The first time this Katadyn filter was used, my son, my nephew and I were on a 6 – 8 mile hiking trip through the piney woods of East Texas. The trip started off a on the deer lease we belong to. From there, my nephew, my son and I hiked between a couple of the rolling hills, across 2 creek bottoms and stopped for our first rest break on an old logging road. This was when Korey (my son) realized he had lost his water bottle. Luckily for the three of us there was a deer stand near by where we found a discarded plastic water bottle.

An hour later the three of us arrived at a creek where I had planned on refilling the water bottles.  One thing I did not know, the lack of recent rain fall had made the creek almost dry up.

The filter became clogged because the prefilter was removed, plan and simple. If we would have simply dug a hole in the sand, or dug out the creek a little bit and left the prefilter in place – everything would have been fine.

If you own a Katadyn hiker water filter, or plan on buying one, let this be a lesson. Do not remove the prefilter from the intake hose, because you run the risk of clogging the filter up. Its better to take a few minutes and find a deeper hole to put the intake hose in, or dig out a spot.

One of the highlights of the trip was when the two cousins found a trap spider. We had finished filling up our water bottles and the boys started looking around the creek.

After we got back from the hiking trip (Saturday evening), an email was sent to Katadyn tech support. A prompt reply was received Monday. The person who replied to the email was very helpful and described a possible solution. After following the instructions in the email, the water filter started working again.

Overall, the Katadyn Hiker is one of the better options in the low end water filter market. Even though this filter is not expensive (as compared to other filters) it is not cheaply made.

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