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Navigation with a compass and GPS video series

Navigation with a compass and GPS video series
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Navigation with a compass, topo map and GPS is an important skill that every hiker, camper and survivalist should learn. To help instruct someone that is just learning how to navigate, a set of videos has been put together. The GPS in the videos is a Garmin Etrex, that does NOT have a built in map feature. Please do not depend on the GPS for all of your navigation functions. When venturing off the trail, go prepared with a topo map of the area, GPS with spare batteries and 2 compasses.

Part – 1
Part 1 is a very basic introduction to navigation with a compass and GPS. We discuss learning how to use the GPS and compass in a safe area, such as a neighborhood or on the street you live on. In the video a set of rail road tracks were used as a demonstration.

Part – 2
Part 2 discusses moving away from your target so that you can not see where you started from. For demonstration purposes a creek is used in this video.

Part – 3
This last video adds a topo map into the instructions. This was shot during a 6 mile hiking / over night camping trip straight through the wilderness.

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