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Fruit trees and the urban survivalist

Fruit trees are often over looked asset to the urban survivalist. Most people live in a neighborhood where the fence line goes straight back, makes a 90 degree turn, runs across the backyard, makes another 90 degree turn and goes back to the house.

What is planted in the 90 degree turns? Maybe some ferns, or maybe some landscaping? You can not eat those ferns or palm trees. Dig that stuff up and use it for compost.

Consider planting some dwarf trees across the backyard and in the tuns of the fence line. Some tops of some types of peach trees will get 25 feet across. If you plant them too close to the fence line the neighbors might cut the limbs back. To prevent this overlapping of the property line, dwarf trees should do the job.

Another consideration – pick the types of trees that are ready to pick when your summer garden is dying off. In Texas, during August, the spring and summer garden starts dying off. This is the time when the fruit trees should be ready to pick. In September – October, the pecan trees will be ready to pick. By diversifying the types of fruit trees, home food production can be spread across several months.

pear tree survival food

urban survival pear tree fruit trees

The tree these pears are growing on was planted about 3 years ago. This type of pear is a “canning” or “baking” pear, but can be eaten as they are, through the texture might seem a little rough. As the pear trees mature, these trees should be putting out a bushel of pears every year.
pear trees fruit tree survivalist

Another consideration is a neighborhood beautification project. Get with some of the local home owners, everyone pitch in some money, buy and plant some fruit trees along the roads on around a local park.

If there is an area where local wildlife is seen – such as deer. These areas can be turned into a wildlife observation area. The fruit trees can be used to lure the deer and other animals in. In reality, you will be practicing gorilla gardening. But nobody else has to know this. All of your neighbors will think that you like taking pictures of deer.

If the deer become a problem, suggest that bow hunters be allowed to hunt around the fruit trees. This could help ease over population problems and fill your freezer full of meat.

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