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How to Harvest Home Grown Potatoes

How to Harvest Home Grown Potatoes
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Once the tops of the potato plants start to die it is time to harvest the potatoes, Which is usually about 3 or 4 months after planting.  To harvest the potatoes, pull the top of the potato plant up and then dig the dirt up around the plant.

The potatoes will be easy to damage, so dig up with care. Try not to use tools such as shovels as they can damage the potato.

Bushel of potatoes

Some people use cloth gardening gloves to help protect their hands from injury (from debris in the dirt) and to prevent getting dirt under their finger nails.

One way to quickly harvest the potatoes is to run a plow down the middle of the row. This will roll the dirt up and bring the potatoes to the surface.

After the potatoes have been Harvested, store them in a cool dry place. Some people will put down a bed of straw, layer of potatoes, layer of straw, layer of potatoes. When they need the potatoes, dig through the straw and dig some out.

How to Harvest Potatoes

  • Pull the plant up.
  • Dig in the soil around where the plant was pulled up.
  • Avoid using sharp tools as they may cut the potato.
  • Wipe excess dirt off the potatoes.
  • Store in a dry cool location.

Try to store the potatoes so they do not touch each other.  Put a layer of straw or hay down, layer of potatoes, layer of straw, layer of potatoes.. etc.

Grandkids digging potatoes

Grandkids digging potatoes

Children tend to love digging for potatoes. The kids get dirty, and they get to find potatoes as they dig through the dirt. Boys and girls seem to enjoy digging potatoes as much as the other. However, after awhile the kids tend to get tired and want to take a break.

Growing potatoes is a wonderful way to teach children about gardening. They get to plant the potatoes, watch them grow, harvest, cook and eat the potatoes.

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